• Chicken skin on armpits How to treat?

    19/12/2017 22:44

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    What is it?

    It's the pumpy skin that appear but no pain but skin texture may not look smooth.

    Chicken skin on armpit How to treat?


    The chicken skin or skin bumps or razor bumps

    Do you know that plucking, shaving, razor; tweezing, epilating and dead skin cells can be caused the chicken skin on underarms or bikini line?

    It can be easy noticed with unsmooth surface skin, the skin turned to look like a chicken skin, or can feel with touching it.

    The chicken skin make skin look not so nice, not smooth touching and caused of dark armpit, make girls no comfort to show their underarms, or where the bikini. This is finally too dangerous for beautiful skin, since it'll damage the end.

    How to treat?

    1. Do scrub in a circular motion on the area at least 5-10 minutes at least twice a week, This can help remove the top layer of bumpy skin.

    2. Do waxing by pulling the waxing-strip on the deposit direction of hair growth to remove hair from roots. The free time hair will be maximum 21 days.

    3. Mask on the area with aloe gel or whitening mask to soothe the skin .


    The treatment can take times at least three months but you will happy by the end of the day, the clear smooth, soft and whiting armpit skin.

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